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Michael Schoeff Real Estate

Michael Schoeff and real estate development in Galena, Ohio

Michael Schoeff simply loves Ohio. He’s lived here all his life and has also invested in Britonwoods, Galena, which is located on Redbank Road, near the Hoover Reservoir. Britonwoods is ideal for families that want to enjoy nature and live an active lifestyle.

Michael Schoeff was the primary investor for the Britonwoods Estates deal. Even though it will soon completely be sold out, he wholeheartedly recommends the zone due to its peaceful, yet active living and breathtaking landscapes.

Galena is quite near Columbus, which is a great city to live nearby to. Most great cities are known for being the absolute best at something. New York has the Arts, Chicago has great architecture, Nashville has superb music and San Francisco has the best food.

Columbus is another story.

“That’s because while some great cities are better than Columbus at one thing, no city is as good as Columbus at connecting you to everything. Here, you'll find really nice people, delicious food, great entertainment, great neighborhoods, you'll also find music and the arts, inspiring buildings and delightful outdoor spaces.

You'll have access to exceptional schools, outstanding health care and dozens of ways to worship.

You'll find major league sports and the world's best college ball and you'll find it all in a fabulously central location for an incredibly reasonable cost of living.

There are people who think Columbus is out in the middle of nowhere but those of us who have lived here while know the truth: Columbus is actually the center of everywhere. While you might think that it’s an overstatement, it’s a proven fact that Columbus has so much to offer.

You may never want to leave, but if you do want to travel, many of the nation's other most exciting cities are only a day's drive away and our outstanding International Airport will get you wherever you want to go in a matter of hours. It's no wonder some of the world's most well-traveled people live here and while our access to far-flung places makes it easy to get away from home, it also makes it easy for the world to call us home.

Columbus is a cultural crossroads where a diverse group of people live, work, play, worship and learn from each other every day. Here, you can live in a historic urban neighborhood by a loft in our dynamic downtown, settle in a family-friendly suburb or move out to our peaceful countryside.

Wherever you choose to live, you'll find yourself connected to a community that's rich and friendly, but affordable in terms of cost of living.

Finding the right job is never an issue here Columbus is home to 15 Fortune 1000 companies, six Fortune 500 companies for nationally recognized health care systems, 20 colleges and universities in an atmosphere that nurtures innovative and entrepreneurial small businesses, and with short commute times and easy accessibility to all areas of the city.

Getting to work is never an issue either. When it's time to play, the choices are endless. We have dozens of theaters, art galleries, and museums as well as a world-class symphony ballet and opera.

We have NHL hockey Major League Soccer a PGA Tour event and more park space per capita than any other US city. We have great restaurants amazing shopping and an energizing nightlife and we just keep adding more many people who could live anywhere in the world choose to live here.

Columbus Ohio they know that no other place offers so much of everything that matters.”

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